a. Over the counter medication
1. Tear supplements/ lubrication
Preservative or Preservative free (preservative free better but more expensive)
Viscosity (more viscous for more severe dry eyes)
Different components
2. Gel tears
3. Ointment
b. Prescribed medication
1. Steroids drops (use with care as this can cause cataract and glaucoma with long term)
2. Cyclosporine drops- added advantage of increasing tears production
3. Antibiotics- to improve meibomian gland function and reduce bacterial load on the eyelids
Antibiotic drops
Oral antibiotics e.g. doxycycline, erythromycin
c. Surgery
1. Punctal occlusion – only in severe dry eyes
Temporary occlusion with silicone plugs
Permanent occlusion
d. Others
1. Taping eye lids shut when sleeping in those who sleep with eyes partially exposed due to incomplete lid closure
2. Avoiding dry conditions e.g. airconditioned room etc