Fast, reliable testing with no compromise in accuracy Visual field testing is a basic element in the standard of care for glaucoma management.
Humphrey Field Analyser (HFA) is the accepted standard of care in automated perimetry and is validated by decades of research and clinical experience. With HFA you can feel confident we are providing the best possible care for your glaucoma and related management.

HFA test requires you to interact with the machine, so understanding the reason for the test is crucial. Essentially, we perform this test to define the extent and the sensitivity of of your visual field (which may be impaired in patients with glaucoma). You must tell our technician your usual near reading prescription to correct for near reading blurriness and to always fixate your gaze onto the central fixation light in the machine. The test is completed in 10 to 15 minutes. At anypoint should you need a break during the test, press down and hold on to the trigger button to pause the test and resume when you are ready by releasing the trigger button.

Accurate, cooperative testing results can yield plenty of information for your ophthalmologist regarding the diagnosis, severity and the progression of your glaucoma condition.