1. Use the eyedrops and medication as prescribed by your doctor/nurse/pharmacist after surgery. Remember to start your medication at the time specified, e.g most tablets are taken soon after surgery such as pain-killers, anti-pressure tablets etc.
2. You may be instructed to use the eyedrops on the same day after surgery or to begin the following day. Follow the instructions given.
3. If more than one eye medication is due at the same time, the eyedrops may be instilled five minutes apart to ensure time for good absorption of the eyedrops. Apply ointment, if given, last.
4. If you had been putting eyedrops in the non-operated eye, continue as they were prescribed.

General Post Operative Instructions

1. Eyepatch or plastic shield is worn in the first 24 hours after surgery. Thereafter, your own eyeshield /eyeglasses can be worn over the eye at other times, especially bedtime.
2. Avoid splashing water into the eye in the first few days after operation.
3. Be careful and gentle not to apply pressure to your eyes in the first week.
4. It is important to keep your appointment with your eye doctor after surgery.
5. If you experience severe persistent pain, excessive discharge or any worsening of symptoms and decreasing vision, please contact our Centre immediately.

Dressing and Application of Eye Shield

1. After the operated eye is cleaned and has had its medication instilled, you can continue wearing your eyeglasses. Please use your eyeshield for protection when you sleep for the first week after surgery. An eyepad is NOT necessary.
2. You may use a clean towel or cotton ball moistened with clean lukewarm boiled water to remove any crust or secretions around the eye area. Wipe in one direction only from inner to outer of the eye.

Limited Exercise and Caution in the FIRST WEEK after Surgery

1. Avoid vigorous exertion, including straining during bowel movement or sexual intercourse.
2. You may look down, but avoid lifting excessive weight over 10 kilogrammes in the first week.
3. Avoid vigorous housecleaning.
4. Sleep in a position instructed such as lying to one particular side, propped up etc.
5. You may take a shower, but ensure the water runs only from the neck down.
6. You may wash your hair from the second postoperative day, letting the water and shampoo run down your back.  You may brush teeth, shave and comb hair.
7. Although not necessary, you may want to wear sunglasses in a sunny environment for your comfort.
8. You may read and watch TV.
9. You may take a walk or climb stairs.
10. Avoid eye cosmetics such as mascara, eyeliners etc for at least 2 to 4 weeks.
11. Your doctor can advise you regarding driving and returning to work.
It is normal to experience some minor discomfort in the first week after surgery. But if you experience the following on the operated eye:
Intense and
Excessive Pain
Sudden worsening
of vision
Please call us and ask for the nursing staff, or see your eye doctor as soon as possible.