The continuous improvement of the ZYOPTIX® excimer laser platform has resulted in a new package of features for laser surgery which includes the latest true innovation – the ZYOPTIX® Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACETM) Technology. The ZYOPTIX Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACETM) Technology is a dynamic rotational eyetracking system that tracks and simultaneously adjusts the ablation pattern for the entire duration of the treatment, and enables iris recognition for all ZYOPTIX treatments. ACETM means innovation, performance, unsurpassed outcomes and safety, providing the ultimate peace of mind for both surgeon and patient.

Iris Recognition

Monitors eye movement along the four axes and compensates for variations in pupil axis. Rapid and safe identification of the patient’s eye.

Active Pupil Shift

The ZYOPTIX® Laser is equipped with a module that takes pupil shift into account and compensates for it automatically.

4D Eyetracker – ACETM

A new dimension. Complete eyetracking along four axes: X, Y, Z and the dynamic rotational movement. It enables Iris Recognition for all ZYOPTIX® treatments.

Aspheric Treatment

Excellent visual quality in dim light conditions. ZYOPTIX Aspheric reduces the induction of spherical aberrations (i.e visual distortions).

Personalized Treatment

Improving night driving and correcting pre-operative Higher Order Abberations. The ablation profile is calculated based on aberrometric data that is unique to each of the patient’s eyes. The ZYOPTIX Laser provides renowned aberrometric treatment.

Personalized Treatment Advanced (PTA) A New 2009 Innovation

Combining Personalized and Aspheric treatments. PTA is the only algorithm that corrects lower and higher order aberrations without inducing spherical aberration for Unsurpassed visual quality.

Tissue Saving Treatment

Treating thin corneas safely. This treatment mode is for the preservation of corneal tissue. It allows the surgeon to safely widen the range of patients that can be treated.

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