Orbscan®IIz Corneal Topographer

The Orbscan IIz topographer analyses the physical shape/contours of your cornea and allows a surgeon to decide if it has a suitable shape, is healthy and thick enough for treatment. It is a topographer currently available that measures the shape of both the front and back surface of the entire cornea (other systems only measure the front surface) and can therefore provide a complete picture of the thickness of cornea. The Orbscan IIz is able to provide such high precision information as it captures data within seconds from 9000 points on the cornea during each measurement.

Zywave™ Aberrometer

The Zywave abberometer measures your complete optical system with the use of wavefront technology.

From this measurement, the surgeon receives highly detailed information of your prescription and if there are other aberrations within your optical system that are causing light to scatter unevenly, which ultimately affect your quality of vision.