300P Pacscan Pachymeter

Pachymetry is important in the evaluation of glaucoma and corneal condition, including refrcative surgery candidates. Essentially it offers an accurate measurement of teh corneal thickness.

The PacScan 300P offers a portable, digital pachymeter, with easy-to-use touch screen operation, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability. The combination of a high frequency, low noise probe and fast precise algorithms enables automatic scan capture immediately upon steady application of the probe onto the cornea.

Measurement accuracy and repeatability are assured by each scan actually consisting of 256 individual measurements and an automatic measurement algorithm to ensure that only scans with proper probe alignment are accepted. The high probe frequency and processing algorithms enable measures as thin as 125 microns, for measuring corneal flap or bed and multiple corneal maps are available. Also comes standard with central corneal thickness correction calculator for measured applanation IOP.