Epiretinal Membrane/ Macular Pucker

Sometimes a layer of semitransparent fine scar may grow on the inner surface of the macular region. Like all living layer, the scar may proliferate and contracts, causing distortion and puckering of the macular region.Since the macular region of the retina is the most sensitive part of the light sensing nerve layer that is responsible for fine vision, patients with this epiretinal membrane formation may experience distortion in vision (straight lines will be perceived as wavy) and a decrease in fine vision.

If not removed, the scar may continue to thicken and contracts, causing further loss of vision. In some patients, the contraction of the scar may lead to a break in the macular nerve layer (termed macular hole) and further visual loss may ensue.Surgery to remove epiretinal membrane, especially when performed early, can arrest the visual deterioration and also reverse or decrease the subjective sensation of vision distortion.