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March 28, 2015 Ride for Sight 2015 @ Queensbay Mall Penang
May 2, 2014 2014 Continuing Medical Education for Optometrist and Opticians
April 13, 2014 Ride for Sight 2014 @ Straits Quay Penang
July 15, 2012 Peluang Mangsa Buta Akibat Simbahan Asid
March, 2012 Glaucoma The Silent Thief of Sight
March, 2012 Common Glaucoma Myths
March, 2012 Treating Glaucoma
March, 2012 Types of Glaucoma
May, 2011 Allergic Conjunctivitis
April, 2011 Seeing Floaters
March, 2011 Keeping a Sharp Eye
October 17, 2010 Sinar UV Jejas
September 30, 2010 Women more vulnerable to vision loss
September 19, 2010 Mata si kecil
September 8, 2010 Kids need shades
September 1, 2010 Eyeing the Right Solution
January, 2010 Blepharitis Flaming Eye Lids
November, 2009 Correcting Refractive Errors
October, 2009 State-of-the-Art Cataract Surgery
September, 2009 Colour Blindness
August, 2009 Blue Light can Damage Eyes
July, 2009 Your Child's Vision Development
May, 2009 Working the Lazy Eye
April, 2009 My Child Squints!
January 6, 2008 ISEC jalan kerjasama dengan SNEC
January 6, 2008 More perks to prevent brain drain
A Joint Commission
International (JCI)
Healthcare Facility
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