Dr Alice Goh trained through Master of Surgery (Ophthalmology) at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and subsequently awarded Malaysian Certificate of Completion in Fellowship Training (CCFT) in Oculoplastics. She then underwent additional subspecialist trainings at LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea and finally Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA. She was one of the few Malaysians to be awarded the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) Fellowship award and UCLA David Leveton Fellowship award.

Her principal area of practice is orbit, ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, with particular interests in thyroid eye disease, aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. During her training in Korea and USA under the mentorship of leading figures in the field, she advanced in minimally invasive surgical techniques and reconstructive approaches. Her skills were further consolidated by her experience in prominent private practices in Beverly Hills, USA.

Dr Goh continues to engage in research projects and remains in active collaboration with her academic centers and colleagues in India, Korea and USA, constantly updating her skills with the latest trends and surgical innovations. She has published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at numerous international conferences in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

Community work has always been close to her heart. She is a volunteer of Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia) and a donor to various organizations like UNICEF, MAKNA, NKF and MBA. She has committed herself to ‘Sponsor a Child’ programme under World Vision organization and currently sponsoring a Vietnamese boy.

In her own words: “ I am passionate about giving my patients the most natural, elegant looking results with the shortest possible recovery times. My focus for every patient is attention to detail, technical excellence, superior medical knowledge, an artistic eye, compassionate care, and a feminine touch. I have been trained in some of the world’s renowned hospitals in India, South Korea and USA, the best of east and west combined. My goal is to use the most advanced techniques available to restore and rejuvenate your face with a special focus on the eyes. I will tailor my techniques to your specific desires. You are my priority, and your results matter to me ~AG~

Dr Goh also actively writes and updates her blog. Visit her blog site here.